Mia Savage was born in Hong Kong, growing up absorbing contemporary Southeast Asian art during a period of geopolitical transition. She learned to respect artists who were not concerned with servicing the status quo. As a teenager Savage frequently visited New York, studying poetry at Columbia University and exploring museums. Upon turning eighteen, she moved to the United States permanently to study Studio Art and Art History at Mount Holyoke College. After graduating, Savage worked in New York as a freelance artist and model until being offered an artist residency in Los Angeles. She has lived in California ever since. Her art has covered books and magazines globally, and her pieces regularly feature in solo and group exhibitions.
"Nectar" Opening Reception
A warm thank you to:
Distinction Gallery, California
Photography by Stephen Davis
Musician Haley Blaze
Drinks by Last Spot Bar
Kind supporters who came to see the show!
Supporters bringing fruit to "Nectar" opening reception. Photo by Stephen Davis.
Musician Haley Blaze performs live outside of Distinction Gallery for the opening reception of "Nectar".